Little Things

imageListened to the radio this morning, to a man talking about a dead relative’s valuable book collection. He started off by thinking that the book collection defined the man. He ended up, as he disposed of it, item by item, thinking that what we possess is easily lost, easily disposed of. It cannot define us. This is a somewhat liberating thought. I may well start de-cluttering with a less heavy heart. Incidentally, he remembered, not the collections , but the harsh words by this relative.

First editions or Firsts instincts?


Who’d have thought……

I always felt at home here, felt safe, nurtured, comfortable. the sadness of losing a long-standing figure, having watched the mystic departure of a soul. ¬†We’ve been given so much by two generations. We will be the third and last. The experience will enrich us.image

Musings, ramblings and gathered experience.