The Beat goes on

Last week I went to see ‘Let it Be’ with a friend of my age, a shared era, shared parallel experiences.
We sang, we danced, we clapped with hands raised high. We relived our adolescent love of the original Fab Four. The songs were as fresh as ever, tears crept and prickled my eyes unexpectedly, occasionally, at the memories invoked. Hearing 40 of the songs in that setting…..real yet not quite….gave me a fresh appreciation of the scale of the innovation of these four men. The impact they made, the lives they changed. Song after song, all sung word-perfect by the ageing audience, reawaken our youthful ideals. Can it really be 50 years ago? I could swear, during the set of ‘All you Need is Love’, that I could smell a drift of Brut.
I went to see the Beatles 50 years ago. I remember the excitement of opening the envelope with the tickets in it, I remember the clothes I wore for the concert. I remember the excitement, the noise, the thrill. I remember all those feelings, re-awakened 50 years on. Still word perfect, still dancing, still singing. ‘ there are places I remember all my life though some have changed’ Yes, I know what you mean…….
My experience has taught me so much but for a couple of hours I was transported by the skilful young men, the cast of a hit show. Those young men couldn’t have realised what it was like in those years, yet still captured an essence somehow.
‘Let It Be’ ………whisper words of wisdom, let it be
Thank you for those memories, those years, those experiences.


2 thoughts on “The Beat goes on”

  1. Music has the ability to bring back a rush of memories. I do not think we realize how powerful it really is. Now I am going to play some of my Beatle’s music.

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