At My Mother’s Knee

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Showing up after ten years’ absence when your mother is ill with Alzheimer’s Disease and having her look at you and say, “I never thought I’d see you again,” and realizing that if you had waited, like you wanted to, for another six months to pass before coming home, she would probably forget who you were, all of this is a very big deal. And it’s an important story to tell even if I don’t know exactly how to tell it.

I’d been warned by my father about my mother’s deepening Alzheimer’s Disease or A.D. as he called it in his letters. Our written correspondence had been going on for over a year, the melting of ten years’ worth of silence into drops of questions and information. I told him about his grandchildren, one of whom had been adopted during our estrangement and whom he had never met. I told…

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2 thoughts on “At My Mother’s Knee”

  1. This is not my post. I apologies profusely, I cannot claim authorship. I was trying to re-blog the post, which I thought was wonderful. I’m new to this site and didn’t realise the item would come up on my blog.
    The other items are mine, but not this one. If anyone knows how I can delete it from my blog, I’d be grateful.
    I wouldn’t wish to offend the true author. I detest plagiarism…….so sorry!

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