Friends passing

I have a group of beautiful friends, we were 7, we all met at work. We have stayed in touch for at least 30 years, some of nearly 35 years. We have celebrated 30th, 40th, 50th and now 60th birthdays together. Sometimes with just a lunch, sometimes with a weekend away.
We call ourselves the LOGS. We are now a group of 5. Today would have been our eldest member’s 70th birthday. She died a few years ago but whenever we meet we always talk of our spirit-LOGS friends. Both died from brain tumours, both too soon, both missed.
We have all laughed and sometimes cried together, much more laughter than tears. We’ve weathered storms of house moves, divorces, alcoholism, debt, births, deaths, marriages, redundancy, rage, cancer, infertility, grandmotherhood and we’re still laughing, still supporting.
Here’s to the sisterhood. Women friends are to be treasured, especially those that stand the test of such times. Cheers, LOGS, and here’s my very much missed spirit LOG 70 year old. I’m lighting a candle for you tonight. I hope you know how we all still love you…….Cheers!


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