I shouldn’t be here…

About eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Such a shock and yet I knew something was wrong, I was bloated, couldn’t eat very much at all without feeling full, had to run off to the loo mid-meal, was so bone-weary even when climbing the stairs. ‘Ahhhhh’, said the GP, ‘it’s your job, it’s the menopause, it’s stress, it’s anaemia, it’s TATT’ on several visits over the course of three years. Fast forward to one very skilled, experienced surgeon and the support of a wonderful NHS hospital. The surgeon told my husband that I may have five or even ten years. That fact adds an extra piquancy to life, a real love of small pleasures, a love of experiencing new places, new explorations.
I now have a deep-seated wish to warn others about this awful disease.
There are no screening tests, the symptoms are vague and differ from woman to woman, around 70% of women die within 5 years. I’ve been lucky so far. I want others to know the signs and symptoms so it can be diagnosed earlier. Early diagnosis means a 90% survival rate. March is ovarian cancer awareness month. Please spread the word.
For more info check out the Ovacome, Target Ovarian Cancer, Eve Appeal websites.
Don’t want to preach but it’s an important message to share, one that is close to my heart.


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